Home to over 8,000 different herbs - The Highest Quality Found Anywhere In The World!
A function of a unique growing environment. The perfect confluence of climate, soils, geology,
elevation and sunshine - combined with centuries of adapting plant genetics.

Flavorful, concentrated and teeming with health benefits

Packed With Polyphenols And Antioxidants

Klio sources herbs with potent quantities of these beneficial plant compounds.
They protect us from the damaging (disease causing) effects of
free radicals that occur naturally as we age.

third party tested

We don't just talk antioxidants and polyphenols! We have them lab
tested so you'll know exactly how much end up in your cup!

We'Re Fanatical About Phytonutrients!

And our teas are loaded with them.
Those fascinating plant compounds that are critical to optimizing health and staving off age related disease.
Numbering in the thousands, they go by intriguing names like flavonoids, terpenoids, and carotenoids.

Boost your daily intake of phytonutrients with your favorite Klio
tea, or blend several for your own phytonutrient rich cocktail!

Our teas are single varietal, certified organic and hand grown.
Earthy, naturally delicious and caffeine-free.

From designated origins in the mountains of Greece - so you'll know exactly where they came from.

Loose Leaf!

We don't grind them, or stuff them into tea bags. So you can enjoy them as nature intended, the
same way ancient Greeks did two thousand years ago!

No additives, no fruity flavoring bits - nothing filling in between you and a pure
nutrient dense cup of tea.

Experience The Benefits Of The Famous Mediterranean Diet.

Herbs and herbal teas feature heavily in the Mediterranean Diet, considered
one of the healthiest diets on Earth

Our ancestors Hippocrates and Socrates spoke to the importance
and health properties of Greek herbs.

Make Klio teas a part of your daily routine!

From the mountains of Greece to your doorstep



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