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Ikaria Honey - Thyme (16oz)


Certified Organic

This spectacular raw honey comes from bees that forage on Ikaria's native thyme. It is intensely floral in flavor and aroma and is lighter than the other three types of Ikaria honey. The supply of Ikaria Thyme honey is very limited. It is considered a delicacy on the island, in high demand with the locals, and we are only able to obtain it in good quantity in years when there is a super bloom of thyme - which was the case in Fall of 2020.

Ikaria, Greece’s famous Blue Zone island, is remotely situated in the eastern Aegean Sea. This singular terroir is globally recognized for its exceptional honey that is believed to promote longevity.


Klio Greek honey is designated single-origin. We source from specific locations with unique terroirs which result in highly sought-after, exceptional types of honey prized among the Greeks. Collected and packaged for us on-site by local beekeepers, our limited-supply honey is pure and unprocessed: raw and unpasteurized, never heated, minimally handled.

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