Greek Mountain Tea - (Mount Othrys)


Origin:      Mount Othrys, Greece

Species:    Sideritis raeseri

Sourcing:  High elevation, hand grown

Amount:   75g (2.65oz)

Servings:  Approximately 25  ($0.40 per serving)

Organic:   EU certified - DIO

ORAC 5.0 antioxidant value:  7,000 per 10oz serving

Polyphenols:  120mg per 10oz serving

Bioanalytical testing performed by Brunswick Labs

Naturally caffeine free

Tasting notes:  Earthy with subtle floral notes and hints of mint


Place a small handful (3g) in a pot with about 12oz (1 1/2 cups) of water. Bring to a boil for 3-5 minutes, then let it steep for another 3-5 minutes.  Remove herbs or strain, and enjoy.

Pairs extremely well with honey and makes a great iced tea

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Makes approximately::
Twenty-five 10 oz cups

20 Reviews

Jan 27th 2019

Best tea I've found

I grew up having Greek mountain tea in the States, and I've had it in Greece too, and this is hands down the best product I've ever come across. The leaves and flowers are so fresh, the smell and taste is amazing. And the volume of the bag is plenty generous. Getting some for our yiayiades now too.

Oct 12th 2018

Greek mountain tea

Fresh and delicious tea. I love it.

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