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It is hard to imagine anyone that honestly does not appreciate the contrast between organic and conventional farming, and what it means to their health and the environment. Crop chemicals have brought us cheaper products that in the end are certainly not cheaper. We’re paying more than the difference in health care costs and a greater impact on our environment than is necessary to grow our food.

However many people argue that conventional farming of some fruits and vegetables is less worrisome because of thick peels or skins. For example, watermelon versus kale. I think there is some truth to that. However, I might argue that the uptake of chemicals in the soil (that have yet to completely breakdown) are equally dangerous. But that’s not the point I wanted to make with this post.

Lets look at tea, and why organic is of such critical importance. You can wash, soak, scrub or peel most fruits and vegetables before consuming them.  But tea is obviously different. You don’t consume the leaf or herb, but the water that it is boiled or steeped in.  Its like washing your vegetables then drinking the wash water (sorry, trying to illustrate a point). That thought weighed heavily on me when I was first envisioning what Klio would be two years ago. And I committed to being an organic company. Which meant two things. First we had to source certified organically grown herbs. This is infinitely more time consuming and difficult in Greece and it is more expensive. Second, we had to organically certify our own packaging operations, to insure that chemicals and cleaning solvents don’t find their way into our packaging facility here in the US. 

This benefits everyone in the supply chain (growers/packers) in addition to you our customer and provides peace of mind. We think its worth the extra cost and hope you do to.

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