Wild Greek Chamomile Tea (Volvi Lake, Halkidiki)

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Very high quality, extremely aromatic and flavorful. Perhaps the finest chamomile on earth. Native to Greece, this wild Greek chamomile is hand collected and is in a completely different class from the typical commercially available chamomile that is industrially farmed in the Nile river delta in Egypt.  A must try for Chamomile lovers.

Origin:      Chalkidiki Penninsula, Greece

Species:    Matricaria chamomilla

Sourcing:  Wild in the hills near Volvi lake

Amount:   60g (2.1oz)

Servings:  Approximately 40  ($0.275 per serving)

Organic:   Wild collected, not certified organic

Naturally caffeine free

Tasting Notes:  Exquisite floral aroma and flavor with hints of apple


Steep a small amount of flowers (1.5g) in 10oz of freshly boiled water, for 5-7 minutes, strain and enjoy.

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6 Reviews

Jan 27th 2019

Best chamomile you've ever had

I've had plenty of chamomile tea bags and some loose leaf blends in the States, and I've had some loose in Greece too, and this is hands down the best product I've ever come across. The leaves and flowers are so fresh, the smell and taste is a chamomile you've never experienced before. And the volume of the bag is plenty generous. Getting some for our yiayiades now too.

Nov 10th 2018

There is no better chamomila than this one

I absolutely love this tea. I have tried so many chamomila and notn of them was close to the taste of the one my grandma used to make in Eastern Europe. Klio Tea does an amazing job bringing real tea to US. Very very happy! I cannot go to bed without a cup of chamomila tea that is not bitter, but so honey sweet naturally.

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