Wild Greek Chamomile Tea (Volos)

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This wild Greek chamomile is collected from the Chalkidiki (hal kee the KEE) Penninsula, near Volos Lake. It is very high quality, extremely aromatic and flavorful. Completely different than typical Chamomile which is generally sourced from the Nile River Delta in Egypt. 
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2 Reviews

Jun 15th 2018

The best chamomile tea I ever had!

There is no going back to tea bags after this one. The smell, taste and color is unmatched to anything you can get out of a bag and the whole steeping process makes you more present to really enjoy this beautiful, delicate and healing plant!

Jun 9th 2018


Far and away the best chamomile tea I've ever had. More bright, sweet and flavorful than the Egyptian varieties most companies use. If you like chamomile then you'll love this. Just be warned it makes it hard to return to regular chamomile so I hope they won't run out!

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