Greek Lemon Verbena (Karditsia,South Pindos Mountains)


Origin:       Karditsia, South Pindos Mountains, Greece

Species:    Lippia citriodora

Sourcing:  High elevation, hand grown

Amount:    50g (1.75oz)

Servings:   Approximately 35  ($0.28 per serving)

Organic:    EU certified - DIO

ORAC 5.0 antioxidant value:  4,920 per 10oz serving

Polyphenols:  59mg per 10oz serving

Bioanalytical testing performed by Brunswick Labs

Our Luiza (Lemon Verbena) also contains high amounts of the phytonutrient Luteolin (5.8mg per serving); twice the amount found in a serving of artichokes which is considered to be among the best sources of Luteolin. Luteolin belongs to a special class of phytonutrients called flavanones, it is considered a super nutrient and is the subject of significant research

Tasting notes:  A mild earthiness with hints of lemon


Place a small handful (1.4g) in a pot with about 10 oz of freshly boiled water. Cover and steep for about 5-7 minutes.  Strain, and enjoy.  Crushing the leaves in your hand before steeping helps to release the essential oils and enhances the flavor.

You can also use a large format infuser that provides adequate contact between the leaves and water.

Delicious and soothing served hot but also makes a very refreshing iced tea.

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