Organic Saffron from Kozani, Greece (PDO) - 1g


A must-try addition to any of your favorite Klio teas!
Saffron is a potent spice, rich in beneficial antioxidants with many different health properties. This superior quality organic saffron is hand collected in the famous saffron growing area of Kozani, Greece and it has an EU PDO designation (Protected Designation of Origin) due to its particularly high-quality flavor and color. 
Just add a few threads to any of our teas to add a unique flavor dimension and additional health benefits. It has a delicate aroma, a subtle spicy flavor and imparts a beautiful yellow color.  This saffron is of a particularly high culinary grade and should also be used for cooking.
Using Kozani saffron is like using an expensive perfume - a little goes a long way and it should be used very sparingly
Saffron is the world's most expensive spice. The saffron threads are actually the stigma of the crocus flower and it takes over 150,000 crocus flowers to create 1lb of saffron. It is a very labor intensive process, all done by hand.
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