Ikaria Honey Heather (Anama)/Pine (16oz)

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Honey from the "ancient healing island" of Ikaria is of particularly high quality and is revered by the famously long-lived Ikarians.

Ikaria is free from industrialization and due its mountainous and undulating rocky terrain, conventional farming is not practiced. The island is therefore free from chemical pollutants that contaminate both air, land and water, leaving the bees to gather their pollen in a pristine, if not perfect, environment.

“Honey from Ikaria contains anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is eaten often” says Mr. Beuttner, who named Ikaria one of the 5 “Blue Zones” in the world for longevity.

Anama/Pine: This varietal of Ikarian honey is a combination of Anama (Heather, aka "Reiki") and native Ikarian Pine. It is not a blended honey, the hives are located in an area of the island where the Heather plants grow with the native pine trees.  It is very thick, robust, rich and delicious.  It has a woodsy, earthy flavor profile with floral notes and hints of minerality.  Perfect with bread, yogurt, cheese or by the spoonful on its own

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3 Reviews

Mar 23rd 2018

Prepare for Incredible Taste

I only buy local honey that isn't processed and retains the lovely flavors one expects from a natural source. I even co-owned a hive via a coop share so taste and origin of the honey are vital components for me. Not being a stranger to top quality honey, I can honestly say this is the best I've had. It goes on my toast, in my cooking, and, above all in my Greek herb teas. A delicate, not too sweet, elegant flavor that has the 'real' taste of organic honey. Just a treasure. Worth every penny spent! Thank you Klio Teas for such an outstanding product.

Mar 11th 2018

Pine/heather honey

Buckle up. This is NOT the honey one buys at the local chain grocer in a plastic, bear-shaped container. It has not been boiled, filtered, and diluted into what results in a thin, sugary syrup. Ikaria pine/heather honey supplied by Klio is quite possibly one of the finest honeys available on the planet. It has an almost waxy consistency with an intense, somewhat less sweet, almost savory flavor. One can taste the "terroir," if that term can be used with honey. It tastes of bees and comb and the island. It pairs perfectly with toast, any Klio tea, or directly off the spoon. If one loves real honey, this must be on the shelf of their home.

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