Ikaria Honey Heather (Anama) (16oz)

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Anama ("heather") honey (also known in Greece as "reiki") comes from bees that forage on the native Fall heather that grows at high elevations on Ikaria. 

Our Anama honey is pure, raw and never heated. It has an almost peanut butter like consistency - super thick, rich, strongly flavored and mildly sweet and is high in trace minerals. It has the aroma of a beehive and an earthy flavor profile with notes of beeswax, sassafras, burnt sugar, toffee, bourbon and toasty oak with a slight medicinal finish. It is a very unique honey. 

It is not a good choice for cooking. Its flavors are too pronounced and it would dominate the dish. And the heat would destroy its healthy biological properties. Rather, like the other Ikarian honeys, it is best consumed plain (delicious!) or with yogurt, bread or cheese. 

Winter Anama is very special and is only available in years when the rainfall patterns allow for the Fall heather to bloom. In the previous season (Fall 2016) there was almost no harvest of Anama honey. This year the supply was average and availability is limited.

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1 Review

Jul 21st 2018

anama honey

Lately I have been diving deep into the world of honey. Presently I have over a dozen varieties from at least 6 different countries. This particular heather honey is the reigning champ. The taste is nuanced in ways that cannot be described only experienced. The texture is thick and smooth not runny, grainy, or crystalized. This is truly one of natures great gifts to us, not to be missed. The thyme and pine heather honeys are excellent too but this one is in a class by itself.

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