Ikaria Honey 460g (16.2oz)

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Honey from the "ancient healing island" of Ikaria is of particularly high quality and is revered by the famously long-lived Ikarians.

This very rare honey, perhaps the best in the world, is 100% pure, natural, unheated and unpasteurized.  Its special characteristics are a function of the unique environment in which the indigenous bees gather their pollen.  It has a dark amber color and is thicker and richer than most honey with a unique delicious flavor.

Ikaria is free from industrialization and due its mountainous and undulating rocky terrain, conventional farming is not practiced. The island is therefore free from chemical pollutants that contaminate both air, land and water, leaving the bees to gather their pollen in a pristine, if not perfect, environment.

“Honey from Ikaria contains anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is eaten often” says Mr. Beuttner, who named Ikaria one of the 5 “Blue Zones” in the world for longevity.

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8 Reviews

Feb 1st 2018

Honey from Ikara is the Best!

I have traveled to Ikara and can tell you that hands-down it is the best Greek honey in my opinion. It is an island that cares about its bees and its honey. I am ecstatic that I can buy it and have it shipped to the USA. I'm converting many of my friends to being Greek honey lovers.

Oct 13th 2017

Beyond Normal Honey

This tastes like so much more than mere honey. I have been lucky enough to have eaten raw, local honey my entire life, but this Ikaria honey has a richness and depth to it that I have not experienced elsewhere. Even eating a solo spoonful out of the jar feels like eating a complete food. Plus, I use it on irritated and inflamed skin. It seriously soothes the irritation and speeds healing. If you're on the fence, just get some and you'll know it's worth it.

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