Greek Oak Honey - Sparta, Mt. Parnonas 16oz (New Offering)


Perched mightily above ancient Sparta is the Mt. Parnonas range, heavily forested with the native Greek oak, which gives us this delectably dark honey. It is collected in difficult to reach areas at 3,000 feet elevation. Our darkest colored honey, it shines deep mahogany-red when held up to the light, echoing the deeply hued autumn oak leaves of its source. With its notes of horehound, burnt sugar and molasses, our Sparta Oak honey is a deeper, less-sweet honey reminiscent of the densely forested slopes high above the Peloponnesus.


Klio Greek honey is designated single-origin. We source from specific locations with unique terroirs which result in highly sought-after, exceptional types of honey prized among the Greeks. Collected and packaged for us on-site by local beekeepers, our limited-supply honey is pure and unprocessed: raw and unpasteurized, never heated, minimally handled.

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