Greek Mountain Tea (Mount Olympus)

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Please see the Greek Mountain Tea page in the main menu for a full description of the famous Greek mountain tea. This variety, Sideritis Scardica, comes from the legendary Mount Olympus, in the Balkans, situated between Thessaly and Macedonia. It has been tested for antioxidants by Brunswick Labs, ( the leader in bio-analtyical testing. It has a mild and very pleasant taste and aroma.

One ten ounce serving of our certified organic Mount Olympus Greek Mountain Tea has an ORAC 5.0 antioxidant score of 6,600 and 160mg of polyphenols. 

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9 Reviews

Jan 9th 2018

Greek Mountain Tea

I love this tea. It smells wonderful and tastes great. While researching natural ways to improve health, I ran across references to Greek Mountain Tea. Klio was the most recommended source.

Jul 27th 2017

Greek Mountain Tea

Great product and very fast delivery!

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