Ikaria. Something In The Water?

Or perhaps it’s the tea:) Situated in the stunning Agean sea is an island called Ikaria (or Icaria). Unlike other non-touristy Greek islands, Ikaria has received much attention in recent years as a result of its long-lived inhabitants and their superior health. On average they live 10 years longer than their American and European counterparts, and with better mental and physical health.

The NY Times wrote a very interesting piece on the island a couple of years ago, which profiled a mid 60’s, terminally ill Greek-American lung cancer patient who left the US, after his diagnosis (confirmed by 9 different doctors), to return to his original home of Ikaria, to live out the remaining months.

Thirty plus years later, alive and well, at the ripe old age of 97, he was enjoying the easy life on Ikaria. For more on this interesting story I’ve provided the link to the NY Times article; its somewhat lengthy, but interesting and I think you'll enjoy it...with a nice big mug of Greek Mountain Tea of course.

NYTimes - The Island Where People Forget to Die