Greek Mountain Tea Antioxidants As Potent As Those In Green Tea!

A study published in the Society of Chemical Industry found Greek mountain tea as potent as the highly revered Green tea at inducing cellular antioxidant defenses and reducing oxidative stress.  And we think it tastes a whole lot better!

In this study the antioxidant effects of a Greek mountain tea extract were investigated in a biological system (HepG2 cells) in basal condition after the induction of an oxidative stress, and compared to those of a Green Tea extract.

The study also showed that Greek mountain tea has a different phenolic pattern than Green tea, with catechins being predominant in Green tea and chlorogenic acid, hypolatein, apigenin and isoscutellarein in Greek mountain tea.

The study’s authors concluded by noting that they believed this to be the first comparison in a biological system between two different plants commonly used to make teas and believe it has potentially important implications for screening or evaluating antioxidant beverages.

 For those desiring a daily antioxidant and phyto-nutrient boost, but interested in a caffeine-free and more taste bud friendly alternative to Green tea - we suggest our organic Greek mountain tea, from the top of Mt. Othrys, Greece. It tastes great plain, and is delicious with a spot of raw honey!